Roger Hayes

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Smithills

Visit from Chris Davies

April 7th, 2014 by rogerhayes

On Saturday 5th April Bolton Liberal Democrats hosted a visit by Chris Davies, MEP. Two of the events featured campaigns Chris has been involved in at the European Parliament.

Chris has been closely involved in moves to conserve fish stocks, and he had the opportunity to discuss the impacts with stallholders at Bolton Market.        Fish Market 1 small

Later in the day we visited Bolton Mountain Rescue at their headquarters. Unlike the other Emergency Services, Mountain Rescue are not exempt from VAT, and Chris is working to change this.            Mountain Rescue 1 small

Chris also found time to help volunteers with the local election campaign and took part in some canvassing.

Cut the ‘Fat Cats’!

March 11th, 2014 by rogerhayes

Labour talks a lot about cuts.

When last year Liberal Democrats suggested that Councillors should take their fair share of the cuts by reducing the Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) paid to some senior Councillors, Labour refused to touch their own, but did reduce those paid to senior opposition Councillors!                                                                                   FatCat4 small

Many residents were amazed to discover that a Council with 6o members considers that 30 SRAs are justified, costing nearly £190,000 a year! Of these, 23 (£161,000 a year) are paid to Labour Councillors, 4 (£25,000) to Conservatives and 1 (£2,800) to a Liberal Democrat – me.

Lib Dems believe that most of these (paid in addition to the Basic Allowance) could be scrapped, and proposed a cut of £60,000 from 1st June. All the SRAs – including mine – would have been considered for removal. Surprise, surprise Labour (and the Conservatives) voted against this.                  FatCat3 small

The Cabinet

All major decisions in Bolton Council are taken by a Cabinet of 14 Councillors (all Labour). Some meetings are held in public, but most are in private. Only 3 of the Councillors (all from central Bolton wards) can take any decisions – the others are just there to ‘advise’

The Council Tax payers pay the Cabinet over £114,000 a year to do that job.                 FatCat9 small

When the Liberal Democrats ran Bolton they managed very well with just 8 – all of whom took decisions.

NOTE FOR THE RECORD As Group Leader I get an SRA of £2,799 a year (the Labour Leader gets £29,750 and the Conservative Leader gets £10,047).



Bolton only Council locally to increase Council Tax

March 4th, 2014 by rogerhayes

Bolton’s above inflation Council Tax rise contrasts sharply with what other local Councils have been able to do.     £ symbol

A survey of other local Councils shows the following results:

  • Manchester (Labour)                         Council Tax Frozen
  • Salford (Labour)                                 Council Tax Frozen
  • Bury (Labour)                                      Council Tax Frozen
  • Wigan (Labour)                                   Council Tax Frozen
  • Blackburn with Darwen (Labour)    Council Tax Frozen
  • Rochdale (Labour)                               Council Tax Frozen
  • Oldham (Labour)                                  Council Tax Frozen
  • Stockport (Lib Dem)                            Council Tax Frozen
  • Trafford (Con)                                       Council Tax Frozen

We put forward a fully costed amendment ( see details elsewhere on this site) which would have allowed Bolton  to also freeze its Council Tax while investing £5 million in local roads.

Residents will find it hard to understand why the Labour Council has insisted on putting up Council Tax again when they were offered a £1 million grant to freeze it, and had underspent this year by another £1.5 million.






March 2nd, 2014 by rogerhayes

The recovery would not be happening without the Liberal Democrats’ work to build a stronger economy and a fairer society.

The number of people in work has increased by 193,000 in the last quarter and the number of women in work has reached a record high of 14 million. In the last three months unemployment fell by 125,000. The number of young people in work increased by 49,000. The number of young people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance is now 123,100 lower than in May 2010.     key_one_million_jobs small

The Government has worked hard to repair and rebalance the economy, helping to create 1.6 million new private sector jobs since the election.


February 19th, 2014 by rogerhayes

This year’s Council Tax rise proposed by Bolton’s Labour Council is an increase of 1.94% – marginally above the current rate of inflation.

In doing that, the Council will turn down the £1 million on offer from the Government if it had been frozen. At a time when times are hard for everybody due to the aftermath of the financial crash of 2008, most households did not need this extra cost.

I believe that it could have been frozen to help family budgets. Underspending by Council Departments this year has meant a saving of nearly £1 million. Add to that the various ‘reserves’ that are held, the £1 million extra the Government would have given us and the larger than expected receipts Bolton will get from the Manchester Airport and the sale of the Smithills Estate and I believe this increase is unnecessary.                          004

Last year (when there were no elections) Council Tax went up by 3.9%. The two previous years (when there were elections) Council Tax was frozen. Are they related? or am I being too cynical?

Potholes in Gargrave Avenue

February 14th, 2014 by rogerhayes

The state of many residential roads is appalling, and I must be reporting some potholes every single day.

Gargrave Avenue is particularly bad with potholes near the kerb for nearly the whole length. What makes it worse is that due to parked cars it is almost impossible not to drive through the potholes.                                                          Gargrave Avenue potholes 1 small

The (relatively) good news is that I have been promised that these will be repaired quite quickly.

Takeaway application refused

February 7th, 2014 by rogerhayes

Bolton Council’s Planning Committee has refused an application to allow the disused dry cleaners/laundrette on the corner of Chorley Old Road and Stratford Avenue to become a Hot Food Takeaway. The applicant had wanted to be able to open seven days a week, from 9am to 11 pm.                                                         Launderette small

The application had led to 14 letters of objection and a petition of 109 signatures. Concerns included smells, noise, traffic and parking, litter and the possibility of attracting anti-social behaviour.

Residents would have been happy for the premises to become a retail outlet or financial services premises (which was also applied for), but Councillors were advised that the application had to be dealt with as a whole.

A local resident and I both addressed the Committee to ask for refusal. Planning Officers had recommended that the application should be approved, but I am pleased to say it was refused unanimously.

The applicant can now either appeal to a Government Planning Inspector or submit an application for a more acceptable use.


Building of new Church starts

February 6th, 2014 by rogerhayes

The structure of the new Methodist Church at the junction of Chorley Old Road and New Church Road has started to take shape. It is to allow the congregations of the former Chorley Old Road, Harvey Street and Astley Bridge churches to worship together.     Delph Hill Church Feb 2014 1 small

The design will use many of the features of the former building and we are promised that it will not look out of place. It should be open later this year.

Start for Cafe in Moss Bank Park

February 4th, 2014 by rogerhayes

I am very pleased that a start has been made on building the new café for Moss Bank Park – the old one was destroyed by fire in 2009 (the picture shows the early stages of building the foundations).

The café should be finished in ‘late spring’ and will be officially opened in the summer                                             Moss Bank Park Pavillion Feb 2014 small

It is being partly paid for by the insurance received for the old one. I believe that our revelations that Queens Park (in the Leader of the Council’s ward of Halliwell) had received eight times more investment than Moss Bank Park has hit a raw nerve and helped to get this welcome facility. However it is coming, I welcome it.

I have been assured that the café will not be licenced. We are continuing to try to help bring an improvement to the parking problems on roads around the park.

Sale of Smithills Estate

January 29th, 2014 by rogerhayes

Smithills Moor    The terms have now been agreed for the sale of most of the Council owned Smithills Estate to The Woodland Trust. The part being sold is that to the west of Smithills Dean Road and north of Scout Road.

I believe this is a good thing. Not only does it give a substantial amount of money to the Council (I cannot tell you how much as those terms are confidential), but we believe it will now be managed in a way that is more sympathetic to the environment than has been done by the Council.

The several residents (farmers and others) who were trying to buy their land from the Council may feel let down. However, The Woodland Trust has confirmed to me that they would still be prepared to consider a sale for appropriate uses.

A further piece of good news – £500,000 from the proceeds of the sale is being earmarked for repairs to Smithills Hall.                     Parts of the Hall are in a pretty poor condition.                                          Smithills Hall